A Typical Day In Your IFS SmartHome

Home Automation by IFS SmartHome saves you time, money and makes your life a little easier. See how you can customize your home to match the way you live.

IFS Smart Home 7AM 8AM 12PM 6PM 8PM 11PM

7 AM
Your home wakes up
with you

The geyser switches ON automatically at the set time and is ready for you to have a warm shower, the curtains are open to let the morning light in. The coffee machine is scheduled to switch on by itself to serve coffee just the way you like it.

8 AM
Your home is completely secured

There’s no one at home and you have an early start to your day, simply turn your setting to “Away” to switch off everything and get out faster

12 PM
get everything done
from your office

Water your gardens, monitor your kids remotely, and be reassured that your home is super safe while you are away with rich security features and a panic Button

6 PM
relax after work

Turn ON your geyser on your way from work for an indulgent bath and enjoy some moments for yourself before the guests come in for dinner

8 PM
With just one click

Dim the lights and play your perfect music playlist, with just one setting. Turn your home in to an entertainment zone with perfect settings across all your Audio Visual equipment.

11 PM
Your home is completely secured

Get in to bed and watch your favourite show, then set your wake up alarm and just tap to turn out all the lights and have the perfect temperature for a good night’s sleep.